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Our Pledge to Our Clients

At Neighborhood Realty we constantly monitor the rapid changes that are taking place in today's Real Estate market. This has prompted us to search for every new idea available to better service our clients and stay ahead of the constant changing market.

Over the past few years, demand was high and inventory was low. There was an abundance of mortgage products, low rates and a strong economy. All of this was quite robust for Real Estate companies and their clients. But the market has changed and Real Estate companies must change along with it.

Today's Realtor has to convince their sellers the Real Estate market has changed and prices have fallen. In addition, the Realtor must also contend with buyers who lack confidence due to slower economic conditions. Suddenly, a Realtor's job has become much more demanding.

At Neighborhood Realty, we have experienced these changes before. We know how to assure our clients that they can expect the same good service we've always offered, and will also see an increase of services.

Neighborhood Realty is constantly searching and finding new tools on the internet to provide our clients with the most up to date service possible. An increase of mailings, advertising, open houses and old fashioned service have also been working well for our clients.

At Neighborhood Realty, we pledge to continue searching for more innovative techniques and always welcome any new ideas from our clients.


At Your Service

Tom Mathews