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Buyer's Guide

Before you begin your home search, you must be sure that you have established an affordable price range. Speaking to qualified mortgage experts before home searching will save you valuable time. It will also help you establish a mortgage rate and familiarize you with the mortgage process. You may want to use your local bank or credit union. You can also find many mortgage brokers online. If you prefer, Neighborhood Realty can help you get started. Just fill out this "prequalify" form and we will forward it to mortgage brokers who will contact you. As time goes on, you should find that owning a home is an enjoyable experience rather than a financial struggle.

As you begin the home buying process, please keep in mind that with Neighborhood Realty's "Free Buyer Representation" we can help make the entire home buying process smooth and stress free. During your home search we can assist you with all of the details about any particular property that you may be interested in, saving you precious time.

Once you have found a property that you may want to make an offer on, we will be there to help you to fill out the necessary documents and advise you as to the best way to negotiate a price that suits you. We can help you choose and schedule all home inspections and necessary tests. We will also attend the closing in case any questions arise. The Buyer's Realtor is there for you until the end.

When starting your home search, we hope you will take advantage of  Neighborhood Realty's "Free Buyer Representation."  

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