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Seller's Guide

As the Real Estate market is constantly changing, Neighborhood Realty is changing with it to improve our service to our clients. At Neighborhood Realty, we use an "aggressive approach" to sell homes, yet we still believe in old fashioned, personal service that was once the backbone of the Real Estate business. 

When selling your home, choosing the best qualified Realtor can save you precious selling time. At Neighborhood Realty, we believe our clients still prefer local, experienced Realtors who are familiar with their towns and neighborhoods. Your Realtor should be able to quickly answer most questions a buyer may have about your home, as well as the neighborhood where it is located.

It is the Real Estate agent's responsibility to educate their sellers about pricing their home properly. Over priced homes don't sell!  If the home is priced too high it can have fatal consequences. If priced too high it will sit and eventually get stale. If the home is on the market for a long time, buyers will question why and most likely pass on viewing it. Now you helped sell your neighbor's home. You know, the one on the same street that was priced correctly!

Buyers lose interest fast. The first seven days on the market are critical. Over pricing discourages and sometimes will eliminate offers. Buyers will quickly move onto plenty of fresh listings. Especially in today's market, where there are so many homes for sale. Many sellers want to leave a margin in their price for negotiating. You will attract more buyers if the home is listed at a lower price without the margin. In this case, the sellers just need to be firm on their price.

This advice is good for homeowners who are serious about selling their homes. At Neighborhood Realty, we too are serious about selling your home. Call us today for a free "Market Analysis" on the value of your home. Let us show you the "aggressive approach" we use to sell your home combined with the old fashioned personal service you deserve. 

At Your Service,

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