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Our Aggressive Approach to Sell Your Home

In today's market, competition is growing rapidly and Real Estate Companies are scrambling to find new ways to make their properties stand out. At Neighborhood Realty, we're very proud of the many new techniques we've added to our marketing program over the last year and continue to search for more. In this changing market you need full internet coverage over and above the every day company websites that most Real Estate offices still use. At Neighborhood Realty we feel that we can provide full internet exposure for your property. We place your listing on as many websites as possible for Buyers to search and find your home. 

To name a few we use:









In addition to our full internet coverage, we still use the many traditional methods of advertising that have always worked so well; such as placing ads in the local newspapers and area booklets. The New Haven Register, the Hamden Chronicle, The Advisor, The CT Home Browser, The Real Estate Book and other local papers have all worked well for us. 

When we list your home for sale, it is always placed on the local MLS where thousands of Realtors can view it with their Buyers. We also believe the first seven days of  a new listing are the most important. During this time we often like to plan an open house. We advertise and mail your neighborhood to inform your neighbors of the upcoming open house in hopes they may have a friend or relative who may be interested.

Over the years we have used a large number of mortgage brokers to help sell many of our homes. We now maintain a growing list of these brokers. We fax and e-mail them with brochures describing all of the homes we list for sale. These brochures are then posted in their offices for all potential buyers to view. This new technique has proven to be quite successful. What better place to find qualified buyers.

Full internet coverage, MLS service, local advertising, open houses, constant mailings and old fashioned good service. These are all part of what we describe as our aggressive approach to sell your home.

At Your Service,

Tom Mathews